The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best character (not fashion) customization as of 2023?


You know an MMO has done something impressive with its character creator when people actually complain that there are too many options, and that’s exactly what Lord of the Rings Online did this year when it buffed up the human race with a staggering number of new sliders and skin tones and features and hairstyles.

Of course, LOTRO is hardly alone; World of Warcraft upped its customization game this year too – as did plenty of other MMOs that I’m sure you’re about to nominate. Which MMO has the best character (not gear) customization as of 2023 – and which one saw the biggest leaps forward in 2023 specifically?

At the turn of every calendar year, the MassivelyOP team assembles a traditional feast of annual content for your table. We recap the year, issue awards, highlight our favorite (and least favorite) stories, and gather your opinions together to send off the last year and welcome the new one. Grab a plate and take a bite out of this year-end Daily Grind!
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