World of Warcraft will let you make blind characters in Update 10.1

See no evil, but kick its butt anyway

Oh no.

MMORPGs are all about letting you make and roleplay the kind of character you envision, which means the more creation choices, the better. And while World of Warcraft was never accused of having too many character creation options, Blizzard’s MMO has added quite a few new choices in recent years. When Update 10.1 arrives this spring, WoW will feature yet another way to differentiate your character: with blindness.

No, the MMO isn’t going to make the screen black but rather allow you to select different colored eyeballs that represent partially or completely blind characters. This is a feature that we’ve seen in some other titles, such as Neverwinter, so it’s nice that it’s arriving here. It should be noted that not every race will have this option, however.

There are other interesting additions coming with 10.1 on top of this character creation option. Several new titles — anyone want to be a “Barter Boss?” — are slated for the patch, as well as a vicious war snail mount.

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