Funcom’s Dune Awakening outlines desert survival tips for your impending trip to Arrakis


Funcom is back with another exceptionally brief teaser video for its survival MMORPG Dune Awakening today. No, there’s no launch window here; it’s really focused on survival elements.

“Arrakis is one of the harshest planets in the universe,” game director Viljar Sommerbakk says over a backdrop of in-game videos showing nothing but sand and billowing sandstorms. “Arrakis is regularly blasted by sandstorms. In the beginning, you’ll scramble to find shelter and hunker down as you wait for the storm to pass. Water is scarce and must be extracted and conserved. Being in the sun too long will make you dehydrate fast, so keep to the shadows by day. Wear a stillsuit on your journeys, harvest water drops from dewfields by hand as you cling to life, then bring a blood exsanguinator when you expect conflict.”

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the sandworms!

“You’ll want to travel to biomes further away, but crossing the desert is dangerous. Moving on the sand causes vibrations. This will make the sandworm come after you. Remember to turn off all your Holtzman tech as it engages the worm. You and your guild will want to be far away when it hits.”

In other words, this game is trying to kill you, just like the vertical videos for Tiktok are trying to melt your brain.

Source: YouTube
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