Sony pauses production on its floundering PSVR2s while it tries to sell off stock


Digital storm clouds are forming on the horizon of Sony’s virtual reality headset: Bloomberg reports that the company put a hard pause on the production of its PSVR2 units because of underwhelming sales.

The $550 PSVR2 came out in February 2023 as an accessory for the PlayStation 5. It’s since struggled with underwhelming title support, no backward compatibility, and a lack of widespread popularity among the PS5 community.

The pause in production will allow Sony to sell off excess inventory and decide what to do next. The first PSVR sold five million units during its run, and the company has only produced two million PSVR2s since launch. Sony is not commenting on the pause except to say that it’s looking to add PC support for the PSVR2 this year.

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