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LOTRO Legendarium: Six very tiny LOTRO details that I love

It's a sign that you're a passionate fan of a franchise when you get so familiar with the source material that small details delight...
It just keeps happening.

WoW Factor: Fine, let’s talk about Blizzard being dumb with early access

All right, let's get it over with. I didn't really want to write this column, not because I didn't think there was anything to talk...

The Daily Grind: Do you budget your Black Friday MMO and Steam purchases?

So here we are at the dawn of another Black Friday, and in spite of the fact that I really hate the FOMO nature...

Massively Overthinking: The MMOs we’re happy still exist – even if we don’t play them

Earlier this month, following the news that Project Gorgon was in dire financial straits as the MMO wasn't making enough for full development and...

The Daily Grind: What’s your MMO comfort food?

It won't be deeply satisfying for everyone, but regardless of the MMO, I find something deeply satisfying about just gathering. Once I establish a...

Perfect Ten: Why I’m grateful to be an MMO gamer in 2023

To me, Thanksgiving is a much-needed reminder to acknowledge and express the gratitude we have for all that is right and good in our...

Choose My Adventure: Character and comfort levels continue flowing in Tree of Savior

I don't know whether I really like Tree of Savior yet, but I also have to admit that the dopamine hit of making it...

Not So Massively: Eternal Card Game’s gauntlet problem

A little over a year ago, I discovered digital CCG Eternal Card Game and sung the praises of its robust solo content. Since then...

Some Assembly Required: Grand Theft Online roleplay is a tough nut to crack

A few months ago, I discovered the world of Red Dead Online roleplay. The possibility of interacting with other players and discovering mechanics in...

Wisdom of Nym: When will Final Fantasy XIV head back to the Void?

Some fans were not super happy with the amount of time that Final Fantasy XIV spent on our little trip through the Void with...

First Impressions: Tarisland has some rickety bones but some solid muscle

I admit that it can be kind of hard to process Tarisland without immediately comparing it to a certain title. I've had no emotional...

The Daily Grind: Should MMO devs focus on quality-of-life features over content?

Today's Daily Grind is not really about any one MMO, so hear me out. I came across a thought-provoking poll the other day from...

One Shots: Lightning strikes twice

When you see lightning on the horizon, it may be time to seek shelter, brew a favorite hot beverage, and settle in for a...
He likes Legos.

The Daily Grind: How much do you care about performance rankings in your MMO of choice?

I have an odd sort of relationship with performance when it comes to my MMO choices, whether it be class or skills or whatever....

Global Chat: Reactions to BlizzCon’s World of Warcraft announcements

Even as BlizzCon 2023 recedes into the distance, the reverberations of its announcements for World of Warcraft and WoW Classic continue to be felt....

Betawatch: Pax Dei, Tarisland, and Perfect New World walk into a bar

What does it mean when both Tarisland and Pax Dei launch limited time testing events on the same week? Is it just a random...
bro you gotta trust me bro

Vague Patch Notes: How does an MMORPG studio rebuild trust it shattered?

Earlier this week, Pantheon cancelled its intensely stupid extraction shooter mode. Now, I don't say that it's intensely stupid because I dislike this sort...

First Impressions: Warcraft Rumble is a slick but shambolic multiplayer romp

I won't say that Warcraft Rumble was at the top of my most-anticipated games of 2024, but I've been low-key excited about this title...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most excessive whaling you’ve ever seen in an MMO?

Every time I think whaling in the MMO industry can't get any worse, some game comes along and proves me wrong. That was the...
This. They're this.

Massively Overthinking: Pervasive old MMO ideas that aren’t really true

A while back, Eliot and I were discussing one of his columns, in which he noted that in the eldest of the elder MMOs,...