a realm reborn

A Realm Reborn is the subtitle of Final Fantasy XIV’s 2013 reboot.

Fly free, too.

Battle Bards Episode 216: FFXIV Before Meteor

While Final Fantasy XIV players won’t shut up about A Realm Reborn, it’s not often you hear people speaking fondly of the original 1.0...
A new road has begun.

Global Chat: Is FFXIV the perfect solo MMORPG?

Kicking off this week's roundup of MMO blog posts, we'll hop over to Dragonchasers where Pete is ecstatic to share the revelation that Final...
Know your role.

Wisdom of Nym: Why [redacted] closed up shop at the end of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

If you still haven't finished the main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, I think we are officially at the point where avoiding spoilers...

Wisdom of Nym: Unpacking the story of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

All right. So this column is going to contain spoilers for the plot of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. You have probably gathered that from...

40 musicians collab on medley to welcome back Final Fantasy XIV composer Soken

Masayoshi Soken, the composer for Final Fantasy XIV, very clearly loves his work, to the point that he was still creating music for the...

The Stream Team: Happy 10th birthday Final Fantasy XIV!

Double digits unlocked! FFXIV turns 10 today -- if you count from the day first launch. (With A Realm Reborn, the game enjoyed a...

Final Fantasy XIV launches new 5.3 microsite, hits 1.2M active players (with caveats)

Final Fantasy XIV has today launched a new microsite for the 5.3 patch, arriving August 11, 2020. The site confirms the new content coming...

The Game Archaeologist: Were sequels ever a good idea for MMOs?

From movies to books to video games, sequels (and all related spin-offs) are a common sight when a property is sufficiently successful enough. Even...

First impressions of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion

Everyone thought it was impossible, but somehow, Fallout 76 actually got good. And all it took was for Bethesda to not be Bethesda. That's a...

One Shots: The Mo Army marches on

Has there ever been a figure as majestic, as inspiring, as armor-plated as Massively OP mascot Mo? Probably, but that didn't stop our antsy...
Paws for impact.

Massively Overthinking: The best MMOs of the decade

A few years back, we did a cheeky Massively Overthinking about our five favorite MMORPGs of all time. It was quite a potent list...

One Shots: An epic year

Every one of us deserves to look and feel a bit epic from time to time in MMORPGs, even if it's all in our...
This guy.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida talks about console porting and addressing older parts of the title

If you've ever thought that Final Fantasy XIV's earlier main scenario and quests don't really reflect the game's overall quality, you should know that...

Massively Overthinking: Do you even *like* MMO expansions?

This seems like an absurd question on its face, right? MMO players are supposed to like MMO expansions. They're progress. They're content. They're fresh...

Massively Overthinking: Super wrong snap judgments of MMORPGs

The year was 2004, and the month was May. My guild was growing increasingly frustrated with Star Wars Galaxies' slow development pace, so we...

Jukebox Heroes: The Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack that disappeared

First there was the initial release of Final Fantasy XIV. Everyone generally agreed that this was a bad idea, and so it was sent...
With a bullet.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Michael-Christopher Koji Fox talks about working on A Realm Reborn

There are lots of people who know what it's like to work on a game that is not going to be very good. There...

Perfect Ten: Best MMO debuts by year, 2007-2017

Continuing from my previous column that went back to 1997, I'm going to be running through the second decade of graphical MMORPG launches and...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPGs should stay away from legacy servers?

Legacy, vanilla, classic, progression - call them what you like, but alternative server rulesets, particularly of the nostalgia-driven kind, are all the rage in...

Global Chat: Learning from Master X Master

We've certainly remarked several times on Massively OP how much like an MMO Master X Master is, even though it firmly checks the "MOBA"...