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A wreck of our ambition

The Repopulation shows off the improvements coming to its UI

There are a lot of things that the new owners of The Repopulation want to change about the game, and some of those...
This is something good, yes.

Neverwinter takes you on a tour of Port Nyanzaru

The eponymous city is obviously the main port of call for players in Neverwinter, but there are other cities worth visiting. The next...
Deeeeeep cut.

Star Trek Online details the creation of the Tzenkethi

The Tzenkethi are coming to Star Trek Online, which should make any franchise lore nerd at least moderately happy. No television series...

Here’s how Rare is building Sea of Thieves’ outposts

Ever wondered how it is that game designers actually build the locations you'll be tromping all over in MMOs? The latest Sea of...
The descent of... um... man-like stuff, I guess.

WildStar promises players more quality-of-life improvements

Say, whatever happened to the last time WildStar players talked with the developers about features they'd like to see in the game? Did...
Tuesday point five.

Star Trek Online details the art design of the Tier 6 flagships

Every Star Trek series has its iconic ships, and for Star Trek Online, the factional flagships fulfill those roles. Those flagships have recently...
Let's war ov

Crowfall posts an art fly-through, discusses money and stretch goals

Crowfall has been sporting a pretty distinctive art style from the word go, which is to its credit. The past few big updates...