WildStar promises players more quality-of-life improvements

The descent of... um... man-like stuff, I guess.

Say, whatever happened to the last time WildStar players talked with the developers about features they’d like to see in the game? Did anything happen there? Yes, it did; it’s been a long time coming, but the development team has responded with a compilation of the most-requested features. While there’s no official timeline for getting these upgrades in the game, players can rest assured that issues like stackable runes, account-wide toyboxes, name organization, and cross-faction mail will be addressed in the future. The devs are indeed listening.

Another preview has also been provided for the upcoming Redmoon Terror encounter, albeit not one that’s focused around lore or mechanics. No, this is all about the art design for the update, showing how the art team took simple concepts and expanded them into finished designs. It’s a nice look behind the scenes as well as a glance at what players will be encountering within the depths of the raid.

It’s worth noting that WildStar’s financial results were up in the last quarterly financial report for NCsoft.

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