NCsoft Q2 2016: WildStar up, Guild Wars 2 down


NCsoft’s second quarter financials are in, and it’s pretty good news for MMORPGs on the whole.¬†Operating profit and net income are up quarter-over-quarter and year-over year, while sales were flat since Q1. As usual, the Lineage IP is responsible for. Blade & Soul is also still performing well, with only a small drop-off since its launch in the west earlier this year.

WildStar saw a nice boost as well, almost doubling its sales performance since last quarter, though not quite matching the quarter following its free-to-play conversion.

Guild Wars 2’s sales sunk to their lowest in the last year, no doubt a result of the long content gap since Heart of Thorns. (The summer seasonal content isn’t reflected in this report. Look for a bump next quarter.) Aion’s sales saw a downturn as well, though NCsoft says “all key IPs have posted stable sales, due to continuous content updates and marketing events.”

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Source: NCsoft. Thanks, Lights and Music and Greaterdivinity.
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