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The Daily Grind: What little touches make you happy in an MMO?

Completing a duty in Final Fantasy XIV plays the traditional series victory fanfare. It's such a little thing, it doesn't need to be in...

Desert Oasis: The best Black Desert quality-of-life changes

I wasn't there at launch, but I've played Black Desert long enough to see some major changes in the game. And since the game just...

Massively on the Go: The rollercoaster that is Pokemon Go’s Go Beyond update

I've previously mentioned in this Massively on the Go column some unexpected bonuses popping up with the release of Pokemon Go’s Go Beyond update....

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Go Beyond update is surprisingly solid for vets and newcomers alike

Yes, in case you missed it, Pokemon Go's Go Beyond update is live. My preview piece was updated right up to the release, so...

The Daily Grind: What MMO quality-of-life update had the biggest impact on your gameplay?

Quality-of-life updates in MMOs don't usually get all that much attention from the most plugged-in gamers, but the truth is, they can have an...
And now I can't move.

Fallout 76’s upcoming patch 13 will tackle bugs, mods, and rewards

Don't you hate getting out of powered armor in Fallout 76 only to find that you can no longer control your character? You could just...
Oh, all right.

RuneScape drops a big quality-of-life patch with plenty of cherry blossoms

Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the cherry blossoms. Which is a bit of an odd thing to do in Britain, the home...
Let me try that thing on.

The Daily Grind: What quality-of-life features matter most to you in an MMORPG?

There are a lot of missing features that I can deal with in Final Fantasy XI because the game was designed for a controller...
Technically by this point we're talking Ninja, but let's not quibble.

Final Fantasy XIV plans UI improvements for patch 4.1

The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV contains many pieces of content, but it also promises to improve the quality of life for...
I made you this. Use it.

The Elder Scrolls Online is improving quality of life with Update 15

So perhaps you aren't interested in the newest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Perhaps you suffered some sort of horns-related mishap in your...
Stand forever.

Prevent the Fall adds in a new tutorial and quality of life improvements

It's nice to know what in the world you're doing, isn't it? That can be tricky when you're starting a new game, but the...
This game really provides no shortage of illustrations we need for this.

Hearthstone patches in decklist importing and quests with friends

If you've ever found yourself wishing that it wer easier to just import a decklist and go to town with a new deck in...
The descent of... um... man-like stuff, I guess.

WildStar promises players more quality-of-life improvements

Say, whatever happened to the last time WildStar players talked with the developers about features they'd like to see in the game? Did anything...
In excelsis deio.

Gloria Victis adds short spears and client improvements

The long spearless nightmare that has affected Gloria Victis is finally over. With the game's most recent patch, players can craft all of the...

Fragmented patches in better optimization and more skill points

Early access is the perfect time to start optimizing your game's client after internal testing; you finally have access to computers that aren't dedicated...

Desert Nomad: Quality of life in the Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. After last week’s in-depth look at Black Desert’s cash shop, I decided that this week I would...

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.2 is out today

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV, start your engines! And also start your downloads because Final Fantasy XIV's patch 3.2 is live today after a...

Ghost in the Shell Online spotlights Maven

Whom will you play in Ghost in the Shell Online? This week, the game is making the case for white-haired Maven, a talented special ops...
You would think this would just be patched in pre-launch at this point.

Blade & Soul deploys a patch to reduce spam and fix bugs

Blade & Soul went down for maintenance at 6 a.m. EST today and will probably remain down until 10:00 a.m. EST. That's the bad...
Well, I mean... all right.

Ghost in the Shell Online adds a new operative, a new map, and new guns

There's a new operative in town for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online (or just Ghost in the Shell...