The Elder Scrolls Online is improving quality of life with Update 15

I made you this. Use it.
So perhaps you aren’t interested in the newest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Perhaps you suffered some sort of horns-related mishap in your younger days and have an ethical imperative to avoid anything with horns. Regardless, the good news is that there are still base game improvements coming along with Update 15, starting with the ability to improve gear you’re wearing as a crafter rather than unequipping it and crafting half-undressed.

Other improvements include the option to tweak warning indicator colors, the ability to cancel crafting research, an invite history and funding obfuscation for guilds, and similar upgrades. While this part of the patch won’t include all of the new DLC content, it will make going through the existing content that much more fun. You still should probably see someone about that horn phobia, though, that could be a problem.

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