Final Fantasy XIV plans UI improvements for patch 4.1

Technically by this point we're talking Ninja, but let's not quibble.
The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV contains many pieces of content, but it also promises to improve the quality of life for players with a new set of UI improvements. For example, don’t you hate when you don’t know how much time your chocobo companion has remaining after summoning? Patch 4.1 will add a timer and will allow you to summon minions while your chocobo is out, allowing you to adventure with both cute critters and combat buddies at the same time.

The patch also simplifies party finder creation dialogues and lists required desynthesis skill right on the item in question. There’s also a new universal input for duty actions and a “duty action” button you can add to your hotbars, covering mechanics like the Vril used against Lakshmi. That probably means more duty actions are coming in the future, so go ahead and slot that in now as the game’s UI continues to improve.

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Raza Abbas

I really appreciate your post regarding patch of Final Fantasy XIV, it is really informative.

Jeremy Barnes

“will allow you to summon minions while your chocobo is out”

FFXIV is now the perfect game.