The Daily Grind: What MMO quality-of-life update had the biggest impact on your gameplay?


Quality-of-life updates in MMOs don’t usually get all that much attention from the most plugged-in gamers, but the truth is, they can have an outsized impact on our actual day-to-day play, even if they don’t have a flashy number or name or trailer. I even have an example ready to go for you today: boxes.

I am not even kidding. When SWG Legends changed component crate sizes to mostly all cap at 100 units (instead of 5, 10, or 25 as most used to), it completely changed the way I play the game as a crafter who deals heavily in factory components. This seems like such a small thing, but it basically changed a full factory run of most of my comps, be they chef or droid engineer or tailor, from 40 crates to 10. That’s enough to store three full runs inside a storage droid, instead of having to constantly be shuffling crates between factories or storage vendors. I can craft faster and more efficiently, and now I have multiple runs of comps ready to go, right out of my datapad, whenever I need them. I absolutely adore it. And it was such a small change. I still have to do all the “work” of crafting and setting up the factories, but now I spend less pointless time just moving boxes around.

What quality-of-life update had the biggest impact on your gameplay in an MMO you play?

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