quality of life

In excelsis deio.

Gloria Victis adds short spears and client improvements

The long spearless nightmare that has affected Gloria Victis is finally over. With the game's most recent patch, players can craft all of the...

Fragmented patches in better optimization and more skill points

Early access is the perfect time to start optimizing your game's client after internal testing; you finally have access to computers that aren't dedicated...

Desert Nomad: Quality of life in the Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. After last week’s in-depth look at Black Desert’s cash shop, I decided that this week I would...

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.2 is out today

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV, start your engines! And also start your downloads because Final Fantasy XIV's patch 3.2 is live today after a...

Ghost in the Shell Online spotlights Maven

Whom will you play in Ghost in the Shell Online? This week, the game is making the case for white-haired Maven, a talented special ops...
You would think this would just be patched in pre-launch at this point.

Blade & Soul deploys a patch to reduce spam and fix bugs

Blade & Soul went down for maintenance at 6 a.m. EST today and will probably remain down until 10:00 a.m. EST. That's the bad...
Well, I mean... all right.

Ghost in the Shell Online adds a new operative, a new map, and new guns

There's a new operative in town for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online (or just Ghost in the Shell...

Gloria Victis alpha patch adds NPC battles and resource depletion

The player characters in Gloria Victis are not the only moving pieces in the game world. Even without players there, NPCs are still undertaking...
when yo crew stylin af

EVE Online’s January patch brings new SKINs and UI improvements

Electronic warfare is important in EVE Online. It's not the most important part of any sort of armed conflict - there's the whole "weapons"...
Wings of snow.

Guild Wars 2 starts Wintersday today

Today is not a winter's day, nor is it the start of winter days. That's the solstice, which is on December 22nd this year....
Parallax has arrived.

EVE Online launches its Parallax update

The latest update for EVE Online isn't quite the show-stopping update that some players might wish for, but it's still substantial. Parallax contains a...
Cold analysis.

Wisdom of Nym: Awaiting next week’s Final Fantasy XIV patch

We've still got a preview or two to go before the main event, but Final Fantasy XIV's first post-expansion patch is on its way...

WildStar plans quality-of-life improvements, midnight relaunch

WildStar's massive free-to-play transition and patch is less than a week away, which means that Carbine is getting to the end of its revelations. Today...

Skyforge releases the patch notes for Aelion’s Call

The next major patch for Skyforge won't actually be available to play until Wednesday of next week, but you can find out what the...

H1Z1 targets bear AI, goes on sale for $8

As impossible as it might have seemed, H1Z1's next patch is going to be improving bear AI to make the ursine contingent of the...
She's still got heels on, because of course she does. And the other armor set is barely scraps covering a woman's nether regions, because of course it is.

Diablo III previews the armor, powers, and rift improvements of patch 2.2

Diablo III's next major patch is a quality-of-life patch, meaning that it's not going to come with a huge influx of new content. If...
Something to (shadow) crow about.

World of Warcraft’s patch 6.1 goes live on February 24th

There are lots of reasons why you might be looking forward to patch 6.1 in World of Warcraft. If you play a Blood Elf, you...