Blade & Soul deploys a patch to reduce spam and fix bugs

You would think this would just be patched in pre-launch at this point.

Blade & Soul went down for maintenance at 6 a.m. EST today and will probably remain down until 10:00 a.m. EST. That’s the bad news, if you tend to get up early and either didn’t need to leave for work or had the day off. The good news is that the maintenance comes along with a patch, and that patch brings with it plenty of changes for quality of life improvements.

Players will no longer be able to speak in Region, Faction, or Party Finder chat until level 10 as part of an effort to curtail the game’s RMT spam; there will also no longer be level restrictions in place for reporting spam. Some quests have an increased quantity of Hongmoon Keys and Hongmoon Unsealing Charms to make life a bit easier for players. There are also some nagging bugs and localization issues getting ironed out. It’s not a major patch, but it should be enough to make the game just a bit smoother and more pleasant for all players.

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