Ghost in the Shell Online spotlights Maven


Whom will you play in Ghost in the Shell Online? This week,┬áthe game is making the case for white-haired Maven, a talented special ops soldier with a handy therm-optic barrier that obscures sight and protects her team from the enemy. Maven is the most recent addition to the game’s early access program.

According to her description, “Maven is an expert on guerilla warfare and topography, stemming from her time in the South American military. She first came to Chief Aramaki’s attention during an operation in which she single-handedly held off an insurgent attack after her entire squad was killed. Since then, she has been working for Section 9, where she has proven both resourceful and deadly. However, her troubled past is never far away. She has vowed to destroy the rebel group that ravaged her country and killed her family.”

You can watch Maven’s spotlight video after the jump.

Source: YouTube
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