WildStar plans quality-of-life improvements, midnight relaunch


WildStar’s massive free-to-play transition and patch is less than a week away, which means that Carbine is getting to the end of its revelations. Today the team posted an article that deals with ways that the patch will make gaming life easier for players come September 29th.

These quality-of-life changes might be small, but they should have a noticeable impact on how players experience the game. There will be a new “sell junk” button for vendors, allowing players to clear inventory with ease. Rapid transport will allow players to instantly port to locations (with a cooldown). Other improvements include an optional automatic mouselook mode, the ability to set navigation points, a character creation guided tour, and a revamped content finder.

WildStar’s auction house and commodities exchange are currently shut down in anticipation of the patch.

Source: WildStar
Carbine has announced a livestream lead-in to next week’s midnight launch and has dropped the key requirement for active testers.
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