Gloria Victis adds short spears and client improvements

In excelsis deio.

The long spearless nightmare that has affected Gloria Victis is finally over. With the game’s most recent patch, players can craft all of the various short spears found within the game, and the weapons can also be looted from NPCs. The patch also addressed other technical issues, like hotbar functionality, but it all would have been meaningless without access to spears that are not quite as long as some other spears. Now you can enjoy improved hotbar functionality and better animation sync with short spears.

You want more out of the game? Is there even more to be added aside from short spears? Yes, apparently; the design team is hard at work on the Valley of Death and adding more points of interest on the southwestern peninsula near Dunfen. Those features should be in the game’s next patch, which gives you time to practice on familiar things before taking your short spear into new content. Or other weapons, if you must.

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