H1Z1 targets bear AI, goes on sale for $8


As impossible as it might have seemed, H1Z1‘s next patch is going to be improving bear AI to make the ursine contingent of the population more responsive. It probably will not be improved to the point that you can tame your own bear, however, as that would change the entire premise of the game to being all about leading various bear-trained armies to tear through zombies and establish a new world order. But the bears will have better AI.

It’s a small thing, but the aforementioned patch is adding in lots of small adjustments like that; prone rifle rolling and team chat have been implemented, and a number of balance adjustments with bug fixes have been included. It’s not going to stun you with content, but it will make the game run more smoothly and let you play a better game all around. Plus it’s something to do whilst you wait for the post-apocalyptic game with full bear command support.

Looking for a┬ácheap copy of the game? It’s currently on sale for $10 on the Green Man Gaming website; use voucher code ENCORE-ENCORE-ENCORE and reduce that price to $8. Just try not to wreck their poor servers this time.

Source: Reddit
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