Massively Opinionated: How does FFXIV pull off its sub model in 2015?

Final Fantasy XIV has managed to keep its subscription payment model when the majority of MMOs in the industry have adopted something else. It even launched a full-blown expansion to the delight of Final Fantasy fans everywhere. The success of this game has really astounded many people, so it’s worth discussing in this week’s Massively Opinionated vidcast! Host Larry Everett has invited two experts in games journalism who focus on Final Fantasy: MMO Bomb Editor-in-Chief Mike Byrne and Massively OP‘s own Eliot Lefebvre.

The rules are simple: Four questions on this week’s topic were delivered to the panelists before the show, giving them ample time to prepare their arguments. Our host judges and awards one point to the panelist deemed the winner of each question, and the panelist with the most points at the end of the show wins.

This week’s questions

1. What is the most universally appealing part of the Heavensward expansion? (06:15)

2. What is the primary reason FFXIV can stay a subscription game when most other MMOs are B2P or F2P? (26:18)

3. What’s the most badass raid boss in XIV? (41:48)

4. Which XIV class and job are the best for new players? (56:10)

This week’s panelists

Mike Byrne
MMO Bomb
Twitter: Magickmann1

Eliot Lefebvre
Massively OP
Twitter: Eliot_Lefebvre

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