Hearthstone patches in decklist importing and quests with friends

This game really provides no shortage of illustrations we need for this.
If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that it wer easier to just import a decklist and go to town with a new deck in Hearthstone, good news! The latest patch adds in support for importing and copying decklists, so you can try out the cool deck someone else showed off or let others try out the deck you’re running. You can even do so in a more comfortable environment, as the game allows you to complete most of the game’s quests with the Friendly Challenge feature accessed via your friend list.

The patch also adds in a new card back for placing at rank 20 or higher during June’s ranked play, and it adds a variety of quality-of-life features like gold cards stacking with normal cards and gold hero borders for alternate heroes. It might not be a new batch of cards, but it’s a patch to make it that much easier to sling virtual cards with friends and others, which is a good thing in the long run.

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This is great news for bumbling incompetents like me who struggle to rise above ‘Angry chicken’. :D

Danny Smith

So even more convenience for everyone playing the same build of the patch deck even faster :p