Here’s why a Magic: The Gathering hall-of-famer was disqualified from Mythic Championship II

It's not an MMO, but it's one more example of the problems of competitive gaming: Last weekend's Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship II took...

Hearthstone’s first In The Works update unveils new Classic cards, details new-player experience improvements

Today Blizzard released the first In The Works update for its perennially popular online CCG Hearthstone, in which the studio gives players a peek...
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Hearthstone alters its e-sports plan for 2018 while continuing to get more expensive

People who enjoy playing or watching competitive Hearthstone will probably be excited about the recently announced changes to the game's competitive play circuit. The...
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Hearthstone changes up card packs to make it easier to collect new cards

There's nothing quite like opening up a new card pack in Hearthstone only to find multiples of the same rare you already have and...
This game really provides no shortage of illustrations we need for this.

Hearthstone patches in decklist importing and quests with friends

If you've ever found yourself wishing that it wer easier to just import a decklist and go to town with a new deck in...
We continue on, in perpetuity, unaffected by time. When the world is cold and dead and the sun is naught but an ember, we shalle remain. And we will sell you card packs.

Hearthstone previews the machinations of the Kabal

What happens in Azeroth when a spellcaster goes too far? Obviously, said spellcaster has to turn around and try to make the right turn...
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Daybreak is cutting out game cards

If you're a big fan of buying game cards for Daybreak's various online offerings, you should go snap them up now before they're gone....
It's just like Magic: the Gathering, but without any cards your friends can destroy like jerks.

One Night in Karazhan comes out today for Hearthstone players

Players have clamored for more to do within Karazhan for years, and the good news is that it's finally happening today. The slightly less...
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Take a look at Hearthstone’s biggest minion yet

The next expansion for Hearthstone will feature a big minion. Very big. Whispers of the Old Gods brings out the Ancient One, a minion...
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Old Hearthstone leak hints at upcoming expansion cards

Back in November 2015, a Hearthstone player discovered a Japanese article on the game listing the voice acting credits for the Japanese localisation of the...

Epic shows off Paragon gameplay, promises no pay-to-win

Epic Games' upcoming third person MOBA Paragon has been getting some attention lately with its fluid gameplay and undeniably high-quality graphics. The studio has been releasing informational...
Getting carded.

Paragon’s guide to cards for testers

Pretty much every MOBA has some system in place for upgrading your chosen hero as you play. Paragon is making use of a card...
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Hearthstone launches The Grand Tournament today

You could be forgiven for saying that The Grand Tournament sounds more like an event than an expansion for Hearthstone. But it is an...