Hearthstone previews the machinations of the Kabal

We continue on, in perpetuity, unaffected by time. When the world is cold and dead and the sun is naught but an ember, we shalle remain. And we will sell you card packs.
What happens in Azeroth when a spellcaster goes too far? Obviously, said spellcaster has to turn around and try to make the right turn this time, because… wait, no, this isn’t about going too far in travel. This is about taking experiments too far, in which case your Mage, Priest, or Warlock deck can benefit from the help of the Kabal in Hearthstone‘s upcoming expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Yes, it’s the faction all about working with casters and strange alchemical powers across multiple disciplines.

The preview contains a handful of cards for you to use in any caster-focused decks, allowing access to tricks you might otherwise not be able to use. You can blast all minions, summon potions to your hand, create custom spells, or even take control of an enemy minion with the right concoction. And all you have to do is go way too far down the wrong alley to make contact and not turn around; it seems like a fair trade.

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