Old Hearthstone leak hints at upcoming expansion cards

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Back in November 2015, a Hearthstone player discovered a Japanese article on the game listing the voice acting credits for the Japanese localisation of the game. The only problem was that the credits listed 17 cards that weren’t in the game, prompting speculation that they were planned cards that could land in upcoming expansions. This leak wasn’t given a lot of credibility at the time and many of the cards were written off as mistranslations, skins, or tavern brawl minions.

It wasn’t until the League of Explorers expansion released that we discovered many of the listed cards were real and intended for this expansion. Now players are speculating on the remaining cards from the leak, which have names like Dark Summoner, Sinister Cultist and Bloodaxe Ritualist that hint at a possible Old God theme. Other cards still to be revealed include Captain Scaleblade, Dark Iron Weaponsmith, and Bloodsail Swashbuckler, which may be for another pirate-themed expansion or may somehow fit the same Old God theme

Source: Reddit

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Necro Mage it really does sound cool but I know if I’m jumping ship to ride the same ship its just for some wins which would ring hollow.  I prefer sci-fi over Blizzard style but for me the meat of a CCG is always strategy.  The foundation on HS is just too strong at the moment.

Necro Mage
Necro Mage

Armsbend The huge playerbase is definitely Hearthstone’s main strength over Star Crusade.
I get that the
Sci-fi theme may not be for everyone, but personally I like it better
than Hearthstone’s lore-unfriendly mixing of Alliance, Horde, and
Monsters into a single team.
as far as why anyone would want to switch to an improved product,
that’s kinda like asking why anyone would want to switch to any improved
product. Because improvements were made.  :)
Also, right now Hearthstone is very difficult for a new player to get caught-up in.   Star Crusade is not.


Necro Mage I’d rather get better at the game that I’ve sunk a lot of time and money in that just jumping to any new CCG that comes out hoping to score some cheese wins.  If it is a clone then whats the point.  I’m guessing your CCG doesnt have two million players – which has the benefit of pressing the ‘Play’ button and insta getting a match.

tl;dr no point in playing a HS clone

Necro Mage
Necro Mage

I discovered a better Hearthstone the other day on Steam.
Star Crusade CCG
It is absolutely a clone of Hearthstone, (I mean, it’s a REALLY blatant clone)  but in almost every way it seems to be an improvement on it’s ancestor.
It looks better, plays extremely smoothly, has great animations, and has far more interesting card mechanics and factions.
I’d highly recommend checking it out if you have even a passing interest in the genre.
The sci-fi theme is done very well.
…and the best part is it’s fairly new, so you have the chance to get in on a new CCG, instead of being a half-dozen expansions behind like in Hearthstone.