The Repopulation shows off the improvements coming to its UI

The Repopulation shows off the improvements coming to its UI

There are a lot of things that the new owners of The Repopulation want to change about the game, and some of those are both visible to players and under the hood at the same time. Case in point, the UI. According to the latest update from the development team, the current UI relies on outside components for much of its functionality, which is somewhat incompatible of the development vision to keep things within the Hero Engine… especially when those outside components result in some system lag, to boot.

Of course, the changes aren’t solely about removing outside files. The rework is also meant to improve functionality and clean up the interface, fix longstanding issues like bugs when scrolling lists, and ensure that every part of the UI can be moved and resized instead of allowing some parts and not allowing others. There are also plans to allow for UI customizations to be saved by character or account as players prefer. Check out the full update to see if these are changes you’re excited over.

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Almost 1.5 years after taking over, they still have to put out a patch or make any significant changes to the game that’s “theirs”. And they somehow manage to still complain about the messy code the other team left behind.



Things seem to be coming along well. I can’t wait to see a final product.


I would love to see this project come together, but remain skeptical.