This is not Eureka.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the contents of the upcoming patch 4.25

If you've already done all there is to do in the most recent Final Fantasy XIV patch, you won't be able to say...

Overwatch posts an in-universe letter hinting at its next hero

So, who's the next hero for Overwatch? We don't know yet, but there's plenty of room for speculation... and there's a little more...

WoW Factor: The fate of the class orders post-Legion, part 2

Back before the winter break, I took a look at how the various class orders are going to handle the increased conflict between...
It's a blueprint. Albeit not very blue.

City of Titans shows off the creations of the Builder

Making a city is hard work. This is true even if you're working on City of Titans and your main focus is upon...
Stop, woman, no crying.

The Division’s crying woman is no longer crying… or present

Before patch 1.4, The Division featured a crying woman in the Grindhouse. Why was she crying? Nobody knows, but considering that the game...
Where and why.

Dual Universe puts out a first draft of its lore bible

Technically, one could argue that you don't need lore to make an MMORPG work; it just helps players have an idea of who they're...

Twin Saga shares its story premise in a new trailer

Do you remember Twin Saga? We first heard about it a month ago, but it's been a bit quiet since then. Perhaps...
Fighting the good fight... in really, really ugly armor.

Interview: Star Trek Online’s Al Rivera on the looming Iconians

The Iconians are coming to Star Trek Online, and if you've been playing the game during the past five years, you know that's...