The Division’s crying woman is no longer crying… or present

Stop, woman, no crying.

Before patch 1.4, The Division featured a crying woman in the Grindhouse. Why was she crying? Nobody knows, but considering that the game is set in a version of New York City that has become a murder-filled hellscape with innocent people trapped inside, there are plenty of reasons. Players couldn’t talk with this woman or comfort her; they could just see her crying, all day, every day.

While patch 1.4 didn’t make a big deal out of the change, it did quietly change the story of the crying woman… by removing her entirely. Why was she crying? Could you have helped her out? Did she get rescued? Killed? Who knows! She was irritating, so she’s gone forever now.

If you’d like to make this a parable about selfishness weighed against pragmatism, it’s only fair to note that the perpetually weeping woman was loud enough to be heard throughout the Grindhouse, so it might be better to think of “sobbing child on an airplane” rather than “woman no one cared about enough to help.” Also, again, there was no way to help her, since she had no associated content. Still, it’s a bit of an odd end for some set-dressing.

Source: Kotaku

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