Dual Universe puts out a first draft of its lore bible

Where and why.

Technically, one could argue that you don’t need lore to make an MMORPG work; it just helps players have an idea of who they’re shooting and why. Dual Universe is not skimping on lore for those purposes; in fact, the game’s developers have just put out a lengthy and involved lore bible for the game, so fans and potential players can get a downright exhaustive look at who needs shooting and why players might be doing the shooting.

The lore bible in question is not quite finished, and there are still certain placeholder names that may be changed later. Still, none of those placeholder names are “Enemy Faction Here,” and it’s enough to give you an idea of how the game’s world works and what stakes players will be dealing with. Check out the full thing for all the interstellar politics and events you could ask for.

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