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Donor posts are posts or ideas donated by patrons of our Kickstarter campaign. They come in several flavors:
Donor Daily Grinds – Questions were supplied by Kickstarter donors
Donor Overthinkings – Questions were supplied by Kickstarter donors
Donor Soapboxes – Entire articles were supplied by Kickstarter donors
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The Soapbox: Yes, here

This guest Soapbox was commissioned through MassivelyOP's original Kickstarter back in 2015; the writer has chosen to remain anonymous. The opinions in guest Soapboxes...

The Soapbox: Why does it feel like I don’t have time for an MMO when I really do?

This guest Soapbox was commissioned through MassivelyOP's Patreon program and is authored by Steve "Sray" Blouin, a name our longtime commenters will surely recognize...
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The Daily Grind: How do you feel about Destiny 2 six weeks post-launch?

Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris has already been out a few days and... it's not exactly lighting the world on fire. Core fanboys aren't...

The Game Archaeologist: Where are all of the open-source MMOs?

Recently we had an interesting question come in from reader and Patron Rasmus Praestholm, who asked me to do a little investigating: "What (if...

Massively Overthinking: Forced socializing in MMORPGs

Massively OP Patron Jackybah has a question for this week's Massively Overthinking that's probably going to kick up some dust. He wonders whether MMO...
Losing in a way that's incidentally the same as not in fact losing at all.

Massively Overthinking: Real solutions to the MMO toxicity problem

Toxicity. It's plagued online spaces since long before there were MMORPGs and other online video games, as any old school BBS user can attest....

Massively Overthinking: The classes MMORPGs never do

No one wants to play Uncle Owen, a certain MMORPG exec famously said -- except, you know, for all the people who really, really...

Massively Overthinking: Are MMORPG collector’s editions worth the money?

I have a confession to make: I pretty much never buy collector's editions of anything, especially MMORPGs. Call me cheap, I guess, but there's...

Massively Overthinking: Guilty pleasures in MMORPGs

This week's Massively Overthinking question comes to us from Patron Duane, who asks, "Do you take simple joy in MMO mechanics that are often referred...
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Massively Overthinking: The best combat systems in MMORPGs

One of the big problems in the MMORPG genre as I see it is game studios' inclination to prioritize combat above all else, turning...

Massively Overthinking: The golden age of MMORPGs

This week's Massively Overthinking is a serious one from our dear Patreon patron Duane. Here's the jumping off point for his topic: "There has lately...

The Stream Team: Attempting Grand Theft Auto Online’s new Cunning Stunts

If racing through the streets of Los Santos just isn't doing it for you anymore, there are now new stunt racetracks strewn about GTAO...

Massively Overthinking: The best MMORPG trailers of all time

This week's Massively Overthinking should be a fun one -- and hopefully it'll contrast nicely with the Game Archaeologist column we ran last week, which...

Massively Overthinking: What’s never going to happen in your favorite MMO?

Last week's Overthinking question was a very broad one all about genre-wide wishes that go unfulfilled. But what if we drill that down? That's...

Massively Overthinking: The MMORPG wishes that go unfulfilled

This week's Massively Overthinking question is a short and sweet one posed by Das Tal developer Alexander Zacherl. "What's the greatest unfulfilled dream of MMO players...

Massively Overthinking: Is every MMORPG with a cash shop pay-to-win?

This week's Massively Overthinking comes to us from one of our dear Patreon Patrons, Duane. "There seems to be an ever broadening attitude towards what...

The Stream Team: Elder Scrolls Online’s den of the Dark Brotherhood

A dear Patreon patron has requested a livestream of The Elder Scrolls Online's Dark Brotherhood DLC. Alexander, your wish is coming true. MOP's most rabid...

Massively Overthinking: Solving the MMORPG grouping problem

Massively OP Patron Roger has another great question for the crew this week. "I have the hardest time pushing myself to join a group, but...

Massively Overthinking: The stories inside MMORPGs

This week's topic comes to us from one of our dear Patrons, Roger. "I love stories, and some games tell great stories. MMOs have trouble...

Massively Overthinking: The ‘next’ EverQuest

This week's Massively Overthinking comes to us from Patreon donor Roger, who fully admits he still has EverQuest Next on the brain. "Since we won't...