ea play

Electronic Arts is rebranding all its EA Access and Origin stuff as EA Play

Less than a week ago, we covered EA's new plan to port EA Access, which was originally part of the EA Origin hodgepodge, over...

EA Play Live 2020: Apex Legends crossplay new platforms, Star Wars Squadrons gameplay trailer

It's a day in the summer of 2020 that ends in Y, which means another not-E3 is being streamed online. Tonight, it's EA Play...
House of skulls.

E3 2019: Anthem is going to let you assemble groups from guild rosters

Having trouble putting together a group of high-quality teammates in Anthem these days? That may change soon thanks to a new feature that's being...

E3 2019: Apex Legend’s Season 2 brings a new Legend, a new weapon, and more next month

The folks at Respawn Entertainment announced at EA Play this weekend that Season 2 of Apex Legends will be kicking off next month on...

The Daily Grind: Will you sub to EA’s new ‘Origin Access Premier’ service?

During EA Play this weekend, EA announced Origin Access Premier, its attempt at a subscription service on PC. For $100 a year, you'll basically...
Oh dear.

E3 2018: EA confirms its open-world Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order

At EA Play this afternoon, Electronic Arts confirmed that it is indeed working on a Star Wars game, previously rumored as an open-world game. The...