The Daily Grind: Will you sub to EA’s new ‘Origin Access Premier’ service?

During EA Play this weekend, EA announced Origin Access Premier, its attempt at a subscription service on PC. For $100 a year, you’ll basically get a service pretty similar to what already exists on Xbox: You’ll be able to play all the big new games, like Anthem, plus other titles within the Origin Vault, for that flat fee.

Subscriptions rise again, right? Is this a good thing for games outside the service?

“As always, I want to Bree to win the lottery, buy up some MMOs and take them to the Island of Misfit MMOs where $200 per annum gets you sub/pref access to all of RIFT, LOTRO, STO, SWTOR, et al.,” MOP tipster Sally wrote to us, urging us to write about the sub. “But picture that you are a hard-working indie dev. You already have the issues with dealing with Steam. Now a customer has to decide whether to buy your game or just play something like Anthem for no additional cost.”

Will you be subbing to EA’s new Origin Access Premier service? Do you think it’ll have a catastrophic impact on indie games or MMOs with subs?

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heh if it wasn’t EA? Then maybe. But all of the EA games are crap, pure and simple. Everything EA/bioware has put out in the last 7 years has been a steaming pile of garbage (minus maybe dragon age inquision)


Edit: Actually misread their site, it’s a pretty fair deal with the new and coming games, but it’s also EA and haven’t been a big fan of most of their games.

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I bought the $30 Origin Access in order to play Titanfall 2. It was worth it, but it was the only game I bothered playing. Then this weekend I realized Torment: Tides of Numeria was available and decided to try it out before my subscription expires in August.

I might try this service out. I don’t know. I don’t have anything against Origin.

CMDR ShrunkenQuasar

I don’t have anything against Origin. It’s EA I think the world would be better without.

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I am not so very into the EA brand, or really any game brand, to the extent that I’d just subscribe to play all the games without regard for the ones I didn’t have interest in. I like a wide variety of platforms, so I think I’m much better off individually selecting games. Plus I like to wait for a good bargain, so cost isn’t as much of an issue.

Peter Reynolds

In very few words….. NO!

I don’t think I have played an EA game since WAR.

Toy Clown

Back in the day of Sony’s height of the MMO ladder, I used to sub to their all-access plan for 30$ because I figured it was worth it just to play two games, which at that time was SWG and EQ2.

If this company ends up having games I’ll play, then I would highly consider it. It just really depends on how they balance out subs with cash shop crap. That’s the kicker for me anymore.

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I don’t like EA games or EA and its way to deal with people, studios, devs etc. So no I’m not going to support EA.


Depends if it’s worth for the games that are in it. Origin Access 1.0 is an incredible deal as is, and if they add in a slew of new games for a $15 a month fee, that will almost certainly be worth it too. If there’s 2 new games that EA published within a given year that you buy for full price, you’ve already saved money at the $100/year rate.

People can hate on EA, and it’s absolutely warranted when they get up to shenanigans like they did with Battlefront II, but Origin Access is an amazing service at a reasonable rate. If this steps up the cost but also provides access to new AAA games, id say its money well spent.

A Dad Supreme

If there’s 2 new games that EA published within a given year that you buy for full price, you’ve already saved money at the $100/year rate.

Not necessarily. This assumes that at least one of those two new games will be one you like. In the event that there is only one, then you just paid $100 for a $60 game.

If neither game floats your boat, then you just paid $100 for nothing but a bunch of older games you either already have played or have/had no intention of ever playing.

I don’t hate on EA, actually I like plenty of their previous products, but a service like this can be iffy and there is no telling what other things they will put in the terms of service that could make it worse.


That’s a fair way to approach it, and it will really depend on each individual person’s preferences and foresight to determine whether it’s worth it. For instance, I plan on buying the BFV deluxe edition, and the edition included in the Premier service is almost certainly the standard one, so it’s probably not worth it for me this year. If I only planned on getting Standard though, I’d be saving some money on the year from November to November, as I’m almost certainly going to play Anthem too.


I have no plans to at this point. So no here too, I guess.

Brother Maynard

So – since people are less willing to pay for the individual crap that EA produces, they are now asked to pay for it in bulk? Great idea…