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Former Daybreak artist shares concepts from an unreleased ‘EverQuest X’ project

With plenty of speculation swirling around where Daybreak may take the EverQuest franchise next, one former studio artist gave a glimpse into an alternate...

Perfect Ten: The interesting features EverQuest Next promised before it was canceled

After way, way too long, it looks like an EverQuest 3 may be in the works after all. It's been rumored for years, of...

EG7 hopes to develop a new EverQuest MMORPG (EverQuest 3?) for 2028 after years of rumors

So, who had EverQuest 3 announcement on the 2023 predictions list? We award you half points for your prescience tonight. Admittedly, a new installment in...
Yes, yes it is.

Daybreak job listing hints at ‘unannounced’ game with ‘high fantasy’ elements

Ever since Daybreak bailed on EverQuest Next back in the spring of 2016, it seemed to mark the end of its willingness to grow...

The Daily Grind: Do you still want to play an EverQuest III?

Earlier this winter, Daybreak dropped a ton of details about what to expect from EverQuest and EverQuest II over the course of 2022. What...

Daybreak formally announces the new substudios for PlanetSide, EverQuest, and DCUO

Last year was riddled with rumors coming out of Daybreak Games, as last summer the once-glorious MMORPG company registered multiple websites and trademarks for Darkpaw Games, Rogue...
Great job.

Daybreak on EverQuest 3: ‘We will definitely do something with the IP’

An EverQuest interview with several developers from early June is gaining increased attention as of late thanks to the magnifying glass of blog Inventory...

Rumor: Daybreak may be building PlanetSide 3 and EverQuest 3, sunsetting Just Survive

While Daybreak producers are spelling out their games' future, a now-deleted post over at Reddit by an alleged former employee of Daybreak Games purports to...

Daybreak: Here’s where the EverQuest franchise, DCUO, PlanetSide 2, H1Z1, and Just Survive stand

Not counting Standing Stone's titles, Daybreak currently develops and publishes six of its once massive stable of MMOs: Both EverQuests, DC Universe Online, PlanetSide...