Daybreak job listing hints at ‘unannounced’ game with ‘high fantasy’ elements

Yes, yes it is.

Ever since Daybreak bailed on EverQuest Next back in the spring of 2016, it seemed to mark the end of its willingness to grow and experiment with new MMOs. Since then, we’ve been watching to see if and when the studio might marshal its courage to try again, especially with the robust EverQuest franchise.

A new job listing over at the company may be hinting that the studio is doing just this. Daybreak posted a career position for a creative director to oversee an “unannounced title” at the company. Applicants are expected to have “experience developing MMO games” and “experience developing games on pre-existing IP.”

Could this be the long-rumored EverQuest 3? While the studio doesn’t confirm this, the “core pillars” of the project seem to match up with such an MMO. These pillars include community, fairness, escape, and exploration.

“We build alternative worlds where players can take a break from real life or want to get a feeling of exploring something new with a sense of danger (high fantasy exploration),” the company said.

Source: Daybreak Game Company. Thanks Robert!
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