Daybreak on EverQuest 3: ‘We will definitely do something with the IP’

Great job.

An EverQuest interview with several developers from early June is gaining increased attention as of late thanks to the magnifying glass of blog Inventory Full. Of particular interest are several vague references to the much-rumored and oft-teased EverQuest 3 (or at the very least, another title in the franchise).

Daybreak is being as tight-lipped as possible while still trying to give fans some sort of future hope. The most direct question regarding this garnered this response from Holly Longdale: “There is a future and I don’t have specifics for you. The specifics will come when we have meaningful news […] We will definitely do something with the IP. A strict remake? Probably not. Will it embody the EQ spirit, most likely yes.”

However, Longdale did go on to say that the team wants to “build this franchise up even better” but didn’t want to start hyping a title until “we are certain the promise of the game can be realized.”

Source: Fires of Heaven via Inventory Full. Thanks Wilhelm and Bhagpuss!
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