Rumor: Daybreak may be building PlanetSide 3 and EverQuest 3, sunsetting Just Survive


While Daybreak producers are spelling out their games’ future, a now-deleted post over at Reddit by an alleged former employee of Daybreak Games purports to spill the beans on a lot of the behind-the-scenes developments, projects, and decisions at the troubled studio.

This rumor is interesting and largely lines up to what we have heard and discovered over the past week, which could mean it’s true or could just mean someone’s making guesses to perpetrate a hoax on the community or force Daybreak’s hand. The bad news is that the unnamed ex-employee claims that Just Survive “is on its last legs” and likely to sunset, while the two current EverQuest titles are due for their last expansions this year. The first EverQuest may be creating “nostalgic raids” for the 20th anniversary.

On the upside, two interesting projects are alleged to be in development, both of which align with past rumors and hiring notices. The post claims that PlanetSide 3 is in its early stages as a team-based battle royale-style game while EverQuest 3 has been in development for a year as it was “being rebuilt from the ground up” to also focus on battle royale-style PvP.

Worth reiterating is that the post was deleted and no one has been able to verify the identity of the poster, but given the circumstances, it’s worth at least considering. Do you buy the rumors?

Catch up on the latest factual developments involving the layoffs and ownership issues at Daybreak Games with Massively OP’s extensive coverage.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Phill and Flatline!
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