Rumor: Daybreak may be building PlanetSide 3 and EverQuest 3, sunsetting Just Survive


While Daybreak producers are spelling out their games’ future, a now-deleted post over at Reddit by an alleged former employee of Daybreak Games purports to spill the beans on a lot of the behind-the-scenes developments, projects, and decisions at the troubled studio.

This rumor is interesting and largely lines up to what we have heard and discovered over the past week, which could mean it’s true or could just mean someone’s making guesses to perpetrate a hoax on the community or force Daybreak’s hand. The bad news is that the unnamed ex-employee claims that Just Survive “is on its last legs” and likely to sunset, while the two current EverQuest titles are due for their last expansions this year. The first EverQuest may be creating “nostalgic raids” for the 20th anniversary.

On the upside, two interesting projects are alleged to be in development, both of which align with past rumors and hiring notices. The post claims that PlanetSide 3 is in its early stages as a team-based battle royale-style game while EverQuest 3 has been in development for a year as it was “being rebuilt from the ground up” to also focus on battle royale-style PvP.

Worth reiterating is that the post was deleted and no one has been able to verify the identity of the poster, but given the circumstances, it’s worth at least considering. Do you buy the rumors?

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Source: Reddit. Thanks Phill and Flatline!
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David Harrison

The simple fact that they insider claims that Everquest and Everquest 2 will have one last expansion that will have extensive quests for earning weapons that can be used by your alts is enough to tell that this is completely fake.

SoE/DBG has not have the man power to put in extensive quests for a long, long time. The idea that they would suddenly be able to put in a large batch of extensive new quests in for the next expansion is ludicrous.

With the insanely small development/design team they have on staff, they barely have the time each year to put in a couple new zones and itemize another set of gear. They would have to hire on more employees to be able to put out a big expansion this year. Considering they just laid off people, not happening.

This is undoubtedly a hoax.


As much as I would love to see EQ3, this company has already shown they don’t have the manpower or resources to build it. EQNext got canned, Landmark got canned. No way could they make a new MMO on that scale.


100% pure BS Spin. DBG Had an exceedingly bad news cycle, so what better way to sweep it under the rug then with some unfounded rumor of new games?

Even IF there are such things “In Development”, they will just be projects to bleed money into, write off as a loss, and make Renova, er, Columbus Nova, er, Epstein, er, whoever it is this week happy come tax time. The second possible option, is that they will actually be developed, and published in an alpha format, (playable for special insiders club members who fork over money for the privilege), then heavily marketed with emphasis on high-dollar pre-orders, and then Landmarked with few or no refunds.


Wow…. “the post claims that PlanetSide 3 is in its early stages as a team-based battle royale-style game” really? PS2 is almost 6 years old and how the hell do you get the idea that it has anything to do with battle royale game? have u ever played ps2? you know they aren’t the only type of freaking games out there? this article is just a joke no real factual information here.

Kickstarter Donor

Thanks for the laugh. Only way EQ3 will get made is if the IP gets sold to some successful games development company.

Kevin McCaughey

I wouldn’t grace this with the word rumour. It is far more likely to be a hoax from DAybreak themselves to get some “good” publicity. Their brand is now toxic and they have a long way back to profitability, if ever. My guess is they will asset strip in about 6 months, after another round of layoffs.

Zen Dadaist

I’m not that knowledgable on the details of the EQ franchise but that line about the BRoyale EQ3 made absolutely no sense to me. The more I’ve thought about it the more skeptical I’ve become over the supoosed leak post. Seems like someone has spun some obvious inferences with wild rumour and then exaggerated. If more stories start to surface from more substantial sources then I’d be more inclined to believe it.

A Google User

In principle, I buy this rumor. I’ve had my odd brushes with reddit and in my experience, the people who run the EQ2 sub delete stuff that is true all the time. They’re not the only sub that does this. It’s quite the opposite of free speech over there. If they’d let it ride, I’d be more convinced that it’s a rumor only.

I really don’t understand why people treat a video game as if it’s national security level secrecy. It must be marketing saying “no, don’t show your hand, you lose the strategic value.” I think they’re also thinking in terms of Netscape-IE and have been stuck in that thinking since that event. It’s like people saying “no don’t reveal the rules for Texas holdem until the STRATEGIC moment.” Guys, it’s a game, not a nuke missile program. Get over it.

That the person even felt the need to talk about it anonymously is part of the sickness that infects video games today. Not just this one. Personally I’d rather have anticipation of something than a big empty nothing and an unsurprising surprise later. I think game designers need to think diversity instead of competition. You’re either providing dreams or dictating dreams. Your choice. And by that I mean that I don’t play PvP and EQ2 was a bastion of not forcing people to do so, quite the opposite of WoW. So if they think this community is the ripe place to take a pro-PVP stance, they might be mistaken.

People who’ve bailed out from EQ2 who play in other games (some of which I know personally), every one of them tells me they do not play PvP now. So this Battle Royale, it would be better as a choice for those who want it, but they’re missing the point of everquest.. again.

Ben Stone

I thought “Just Survive” was their new corporate mantra.

Mr Poolaty

Too soon lolol


Both these rumors sound like complete BS in my opinion. First of all, Planetside 3 as a battle royale game? That would completely piss off every Planetside fan out there, hell it would piss me off and i only played PS2, not to mention completely ruin what makes Planetside, Planetside. Then turning Everquest, a widely love MMORPG into a PVP battle royale? Sorry i simply cant believe the people over there could be THAT out of touch to turn two loved franchises into battle royale games lol. Why would they put out two battle royale games to compete with eachother?