After canning EverQuest Next, Daybreak is hiring for new title


Daybreak: LF15M.

Is Daybreak dying? Maybe not, at least in light of a recent jobs posting that would see the studio grow from its current state. Even as EverQuest Next fans are still nursing wounds from the loss of their game, Daybreak is forging ahead on its undisclosed title, including hiring a senior producer and a creative director to be based in Austin, Texas, for the new game. Other positions are also available for other existing titles, from game analyst to UI designer to product manager. There’s even a part-time social media intern and student artist interns for the summer for school credit (but no cash).

Fifteen different positions in total are open; folks interested in joining the team should check out all requirements and apply online directly from the studio’s career page. The rest of us will just be over here, wondering what the company is up to this time.

Source: Daybreak careers; thanks to Damonville for the tip.

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