World of Warcraft offers a guided tour of the Zandalari capital, Zuldazar

World of Warcraft offers a guided tour of the Zandalari capital, Zuldazar

The Zandalari trolls are allied with the Horde in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, but their society has long endured without outside interference. The capital city of Zuldazar stands as the oldest city on the face of Azeroth, and all of the many tragedies and challenges that have faced these trolls haven’t yet brought down the city. But if you can’t check the place out in person just yet in the beta, you can take the guided tour on the official site.

While the city still stands, there are rumors of rebellion and dark forces moving through the streets, and visitors from the Horde will need to earn the trust of the trolls therein. But there are also the wise Tortollan to be found outside of the city, along with no shortage of wild beasts and, of course, enormous dinosaurs. Players can also find the new dungeons of Atal’dazar not far from the main city, the place where deceased kings rest eternally within the ever-expanding tomb. So it’s a nice vacation spot while you try to acquire a naval ally for the Horde, in other words.

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Aiun Tanks

The big problem with trying to make these spaces seem majestic and full of grandeur is that they make them large. And when you’re ground-bound (as you always are, every expansion now), large = a fucking boring, long-ass jog to get bloody anywhere.


It’s getting trite now because I repeat it at every chance, but… it’s the horde joining the glorious Zandalari empire, not the other way around :P

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Neat! I like the aesthetic of the Zandalari and the inspirations for them. Admittedly, I wasn’t too excited for yet more trolls, but the designs of this culture have won me over.