Well Fed: An exploration of the Final Fantasy XIV official cookbook

Welcome back, my fellow gaming gourmands, to Well Fed, the column that answers the question: Are gaming and MMO cookbooks any good? And this...

Well Fed: An introduction to our MMO kitchen and MOP’s new Well Fed column

Hello fellow MMORPG lovers and food enjoyers alike! Welcome to Well Fed! If you listened to the end-of-year podcast from Bree and Justin, you...

The Daily Grind: What is your ideal MMO gaming snack?

Macadamia nuts. Cashews. Potato chips. Saltines. Spoonfuls of peanut butter. Even Doritos, if you're exceedingly basic. No matter what else you do, no matter...
Alas and alack.

Wisdom of Nym: The problem with Final Fantasy XIV’s consumables and buffs

All right, gang, who wants a sandwich? Especially if that sandwich involves... a boost to your Determination and Critical Hit rating for the next...
Eye see.

Final Fantasy XI asks players to come up with their own banquet for prizes

When you play Final Fantasy XI, does your mouth water at the thoughts of some of the food items you're chewing on for stat boosts?...

Here’s how Crowfall is rewriting its hunger and food system to be more fun

Hi my name is Bree, and I like to cook in video games and not in real life. The most recent Crowfall dev blog...
Throw wide the gates to let us pass once more.

Food and video games, two great tastes together at last!

If you thought that the World of Warcraft official cookbook was a stupid idea, then you may not be the target audience for the...
Exiled Lands' Test Kitchen

Conan Exiles outlines its expanded system of food

What is best in life? Ham. Delicious, well-cooked ham, with some nice potatoes and an appropriate wine. Don't laugh, because that's an important aspect...

South Korea is airing a World of Warcraft cooking show

Remember that World of Warcraft cookbook? It's heading to the next level. South Korean television will soon feature an entire cooking show based on...

How starving in Crowfall can turn you into a ‘chicken’

Food in MMORPGs usually exists to provide luxury buffs for characters heading into raids, but for Crowfall it will be present to keep players...