How starving in Crowfall can turn you into a ‘chicken’


Food in MMORPGs usually exists to provide luxury buffs for characters heading into raids, but for Crowfall it will be present to keep players from becoming chickens.

According to a dev blog on the new food system, characters will need to eat somewhat regularly in the game to keep their food meter high. The meter is depleted over time and through actions such as jumping and taking damage. If it dips below 70%, players activate¬†what the studio is calling the “chicken ticker” and start incurring negative penalties like having regeneration switch off and health start to drain away.

“The eventual goal of this system is to add some survival elements and make the act of finding, creating, and eating food meaningful,” ArtCraft noted. “Food mechanics have been in online games for a long time — even DikuMUD had them.”

The food system is coming to the test servers this week, and there’s an exciting, edge-of-your-seat video of a character eating in Crowfall after the jump. What are you waiting for?

Source: Crowfall

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