Final Fantasy XI asks players to come up with their own banquet for prizes

Eye see.

When you play¬†Final Fantasy XI, does your mouth water at the thoughts of some of the food items you’re chewing on for stat boosts? If so, you’re the perfect person to take part in the game’s newest contest¬†because it’s all about creating a banquet formed of in-game food items, beverages, and/or ingredients for someone to snack on. If you’ve ever longed to have a miqo’bob of your very own, you are the target audience for this particular contest.

Players should assemble up to five dishes and ingredients along with a name for the banquet theme, submitting their entries on the official forums or via social media with appropriate hashtags. The winners will receive cosmetic in-game items so long as their entries are submitted during the contest period, starting on September 27th and running through October 3rd. Check out the full details and prep yourself for deciding on a true feast for the ages.

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