issue 12

Chaos Theory: Looking over your shoulder at The Secret World’s 2015

We've finally left 2015 behind. And while it is perfectly natural to want to glance back in the rearview mirror over the last 12...

Chaos Theory: The Secret World’s Carter and Issue 12.5

It's pretty common knowledge by now that Lead Designer Romain Amiel really likes to give teasers and spoilers for The Secret World. Unlike Twitter,...

Chaos Theory: Tips and tactics for The Secret World’s Manufactory dungeon

After my initial dev tour through The Secret World's Issue #12 , I couldn't wait to get back into the newest dungeon, The Manufactory,...

The Stream Team: The Secret World’s Manufactory dungeon, take two

The last time MassivelyOP's MJ poked into The Secret World's new Manufactory dungeon, she couldn't get past the first room. Apparently it would help...

The Stream Team: Inside The Secret World’s Issue #12

In a totally evil move, Funcom released TSW's Issue #12 while MassivelyOP's MJ was gone, so she's only now able to delve into it...

Get your Secret World currency conversion rates here

What is your money worth? Ever since The Secret World's currency conversion -- the one that will turn all the various tokens into Black Bullion...

PSA: The Secret World is consolidating currencies, so spend yours soon

Here's an important heads-up for The Secret World players that you might have missed back in July when it was originally announced: Funcom is...

Chaos Theory: The Secret World introduces Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below

We've known for quite some time that The Secret World's next issue would be dungeon-based. We also knew it would take place under the...