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What is your money worth? Ever since The Secret World’s currency conversion — the one that will turn all the various tokens into Black Bullion — was announced for Issue #12, fans have been eager to learn the details so they can plan ahead. Lead Designer Romain Amiel took to the forums to share the conversion rates as well as the upcoming currency cap.

Here’s the breakdown:

Current currency Converted value
 1 Black Bullion 10 Black Bullion
 1 Sequin of Solomon Island 1 Black Bullion
1 Sequin of the Valley of the Sun God 2 Black Bullion
1 Sequin of Transylvania 3 Black Bullion
1 Sequin of Sunrise 6 Black Bullion
1 Aureus of Initiation 3 Black Bullion
1 Credit of Ca’d’Oro 5 Black Bullion
1 Black Mark of Venice 3 Black Bullion
30 White Mark of Venice 1 Black Bullion

You may want to pull out your calculator and use this list to determine if your Bullion will exceed the caps (which are 2,000 total for non-subscribers and 2,400 for subscribers) because every Bullion that goes over will be converted into 200 PAX, the in-game cash equivalent.

Source: TSW forums. Thanks to Nordavind and Kaaz for the tip!
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