PSA: The Secret World is consolidating currencies, so spend yours soon


Here’s an important heads-up for The Secret World players that you might have missed back in July when it was originally announced: Funcom is planning to consolidate currencies when Issue 12 hits and encourages players to spend those tokens now to “maximize purchases” before it happens.

The studio posted a clarifying reminderĀ on the forums last night while stating that more details on the conversion will be forthcoming: “As a part of the system changes for Issue 12, token currencies will be unified into black bullion. This excludes PAX, a monetary currency. A new currency will be introduced: Mark of the Pantheon. This will become the new endgame currency awarded from difficult content such as raids and nightmare modes. There will be a cap on how many marks or bullion a player can have at any one time as well as how much may be earned within a one-week period.”

Source: Official forum. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!
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