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Studio Wildcard’s co-founder talks about how ARK: Survival Evolved stays sustainable without microtransactions

We've all been beaten over the head with lots of news regarding predatory microtransactions practices, and there's certainly plenty of evidence that would lead...

ARK’s Studio Wildcard is launching a 40K-person-server pirate MMO called Atlas next week

If you blinked during the Game Awards on Twitch, you might have missed the announcement of a new MMO launching next week from the...

The Survivalist: ARK Survival Evolved’s sequel tease is an insult to its fans

You know that moment when you just can't take it anymore? I am there, right on the cusp. I know many folks have gotten...
Well, I can't object to the theory.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s cross-platform peak daily headcount is nearing 200K

Dino survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved is pulling in over 100,000 unique users per day, a new interview with Studio Wildcard on Gamespot reveals. "One...

ARK: Survival Evolved scores some mainstream press coverage

ARK: Survival Evolved got some mainstream press coverage over the weekend, with a piece in the Seattle Times that focused on Studio Wildcard lead...

Ark’s creative lead on realism vs. gameplay and more

What's the big deal about Ark: Survival Evolved? Honestly, I don't know. To me it looks like yet another in the endless horde of...
Well, I can't object to the theory.

ARK: Survival Evolved has already sold 400,000 copies

On the surface, you could think of ARK: Survival Evolved as one step removed from zombie survival games except it has dinosaurs instead. But...