ARK’s Studio Wildcard is launching a 40K-person-server pirate MMO called Atlas next week


If you blinked during the Game Awards on Twitch, you might have missed the announcement of a new MMO launching next week from the makers of ARK: Survival Evolved. Studio WildCard’s Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak were on hand with a quick trailer and interview to herald the upcoming release of Atlas — a massive pirate-filled world — that hits PCs December 13th and is credited to Grapeshot Games and Instinct Games. And by release, they mean “two years of early access,” apparently, but this is WildCard, so you probably figured that. This first person MMO – an “MMO On the Grandest Scale,” the Steam page boldly declares – will then launch on XboxOne next year in the game preview program.

According to the devs, the world is 1,200 times bigger than ARK’s arks and can host “up to 40,000 players exploring the same globe simultaneously” on both official and custom modded servers. The trailer highlights plenty of battles on both land and sea, from naval warfare to fights with dragons and demons. There’s also a good share of fisticuffs as well as what appears to be base building.

“Everything is up for grabs including player’s ships, their crew, their pets, their forts, their land, and their booty. If you can get your hands on it, you can take it. A ship’s permanent logbook tells the tale of their legendary travel, exploits and ownership. “

Source: Game Awards, Steam
WildCard’s tweet is up now too!

Thanks, Katriana, Evrista, and George for the help!

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They would have been better off not trying to chase that christmas carrot.
I recently commented “it’s not ready, and they know it’s not ready”.
And quelle surprise, it’s not ready.
They’re obviously fighting some major problem with the game, how is that not plain to see now ?
Loads of good will wasted last night.
Apalling communication skills shown and a less than impressive “game play” trailer instead of a launch.
Good luck with recovering from that, because this won’t be the only delay.
Plenty of planned purchases delayed indefinitely too now.

Denice J. Cook

Wow, nice! I’ll have to look for that one. Let’s hope WildCard has learned a thing or three from Ark.

Mr Poolaty

Fuck I really wanted to sell my xbone…


So Wildcard is just the publisher but did not program that? And it has PvE server?

Edit: Oh ok, some of the Ark Devs founded a new studio called Grapeshot, that is what made Atlas. Ah well.


Hoping for the best, but Wildcard doesn’t inspire much confidence. Remember Ark in early access and all the promises made about “fixing” issues before launch? Remember the xpacs sold in early access. The game is pretty much the same today.

But it was fun and it did succeed. So… Meh.




I’m filled with questions. Offline base/ship raiding on PvP server? How does territory control work on PvE servers? Are there going to be moderators (because official ARK servers sure as hell didn’t)?

Knowing all the problems with ARK, and survival games in general, this feels like it’s going to multiply those problems.

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Rees Racer

Rough, but promising trailer.

Player looks at “X marks the spot” map for a full several seconds whilst approaching a sort of enormous fire elemental demon hurling a flaming projectile directly from 20 metres away.

This must be the place, I reckon…

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Alex Willis

came for Spess Mareenz MMO news, saw pirates

left early

In all seriousness, this looks interesting, but it also has the hallmarks of “Let’s measure the trailer against actual gameplay” look about it.


We have space marines? Not another one of those Warhammer things that overpromises and flails around for a couple years before being forgotten?


I think i have a very high standard for naval realism. Games don’t get it right. Ports should be bustling (at least when a ship comes in), I want lots of cargo about, people doing naval things (throwing ropes, carrying the cargo on and off, people on the masts raising or lowering the sails).

GW2 WoW and ESO fail at this, and badly. This doesn’t look much better. Everything that happens in the water, especially the whale thing swimming past looks fantastic, and then the illusion is broken because you look at the ship and it’s just dead with 2 people (maybe player characters) raising their sticks/guns. Other animations (such as they are, being first person) are pretty bad too.

The trailer does have a variety of activities, so that’s good.

Ket Viliano

Yes, this. Ships need to bob and float in a proper manner. The sounds of the ships in the trailer were, well, “off” to put it mildly. The ships need to turn by a means other than video game rotation for it to look right.

Ever look at a diagram for the rigging on a square rigger? Makes a schematic for a nuclear power plant look easy to read.

To go to wind, the square sails need to come down, and they have to send up stay sails. Square riggers just don’t go to wind very well. Speaking of wind, the ships and the crew need to respond to the windage that they are.

For that matter, sixteenth century nautical terminology and Middle English ought to be present.

The trailer was all kinds of bad, but I think we know what to expect from Wildcarde and “Grapeshot”.