lego universe

See: LEGO Universe on Wikipedia. Sunsetted in 2012.

Lego Universe rogue server pushes out huge update with beta still on the way

If you don't even recall LEGO Universe, don't blame a faulty memory. The short-lived MMO was only on the scene from 2010 to 2012...

LEGO Universe emulator Darkflame Universe outlines its next steps to closed beta

Let's say you were swimming around in the retrospective of LEGO Universe and it got you pining for the brick fjords, so you look...

LEGO Universe documentary podcasts continue as old videos re-release to mark the MMORPG’s 10th anniversary

Near the tail end of February, we noted that the LEGO group has been putting a lot of spotlights on the sunsetted LEGO Universe...

LEGO documentary details the saga of the LEGO Universe MMORPG

Anyone here recall LEGO Universe? The game has had a bumpy history to say the least, much of which we've touched on when we...
This was once controversial!

Former Cryptic employee reveals story of how City of Heroes assets and source code accidentally ended up on players’ computers

Hey, you guys remember that time that City of Heroes accidentally pushed all of the game's assets and source code into a patch, then...

Gamers resurrect LEGO Universe as Darkflame Universe with January alpha

Forget 2017; today I'm going to ask you to think back to 2010, when the folks behind LEGO decided it would be a great...
Sometimes a ship is just a ship.

LEGO Universe died on the sword of dong-detecting software

Give another human being a creative tool with the instruction to make anything, and odds are that first creation is going to be some...