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Lord of the Rings Online says it has ‘a good 20 years’ of content left

Lord of the Rings Online players looking for an inside scoop are in for a treat today, as Destructoid visited Standing Stone Games'...

Dungeons and Dragons Online sells out $300 season passes, talks Sharn expansion

Wondering just who -- if anyone -- would plop down $300 for a two-year "season pass" to Dungeons and Dragons Online? Turns...

Lord of the Rings Online hypes up dragons, 64-bit client, and Minas Morgul

Last week's GenCon in Indy turned out to be a surprising source of information for fans of Standing Stone Games. First we found out...

Lord of the Rings Online is heading to Northern Mirkwood, Erebor, and Minas Morgul

Don't get too comfortable in Mordor just yet, because Lord of the Rings Online is preparing to send its players to the far...

Standing Stone defends LOTRO lootbox plans

Pretty cheesed off over Lord of the Rings Online's plans to stuff best-in-slot gear into lootboxes with the upcoming instance cluster? Don't...

LOTRO Legendarium: 10th anniversary interview with Standing Stone’s Rob Ciccolini

As Lord of the Rings Online players revel in the varied activities of this year's 10th anniversary celebration, the crew at the newly...

Dungeons and Dragons Online hypes Dragonborn race, Ravenloft expansion, and sentient weapons

In 2017, Dungeons and Dragons Online will officially add its third campaign setting to its melting pot with Ravenloft. Executive Producer Rob...

Massively OP Interview: Standing Stone on LOTRO, DDO, and Daybreak

It's been quite a month since Lord of the Rings OnlineĀ and Dungeons and Dragons OnlineĀ announced that they were breaking off from...
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LOTRO discusses March of the King update, premium housing

Dungeons and Dragons Online got a hope-filled producer's letter earlier this week -- now it's Lord of the Rings Online's turn. "We are...