LOTRO discusses March of the King update, premium housing

We are running out of roads.
Dungeons and Dragons Online got a hope-filled producer’s letter earlier this week — now it’s Lord of the Rings Online’s turn.

“We are currently hard at work on Update 19, titled the March of the King,” Executive Producer Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini reveals. “Our plan is to release the update in October. Update 19 will feature The Last Debate, along with the Host of the West and its March through North Ithilien, the debut of new premium housing on the Cape of Belfalas, a return to landscape questing, and a new rotation of featured instances. North Ithilien was once known for its gardens, and some called it the prettiest area of Gondor. That beauty remains even in the presence of the enemy. The overgrown and wild area still has many plants and flowers that are not found elsewhere in Middle Earth, and players can gather the flora found there to barter for rewards that will remain useful into 2017. We look forward to telling you more about Update 19 in the coming weeks!”

Yes, premium housing is happening. Expect “vastly more hook points, the ability to own multiple houses, a fully revised housing UI” and support for classic housing too.

Ciccolini also notes the team is working on large encounter lag, Burglar and Hunter buffs, improved festivals, and then, past update 19,

“[W]e are looking forward to exploring the foreboding lands of Dagorlad, experiencing the Battle of the Black Gate, and perhaps even meeting a VERY well-known riddle and magical accessories fan. We’ve hinted at the possibility of bringing you to Mordor in a full expansion, and we’ll be continuing to work through that process in the coming months.”

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