Dungeons and Dragons Online plans 2016 patches, Halloween update, and 2017 Ravenloft

Dungeons and Dragons Online producer Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini has a new dev letter out for fans of the venerable D&D MMORPG this week. Ciccolini writes that the game is due for two updates in the remainder of 2016: one small, one large. Though he can’t say which features will be in which patch, he confided that “combined they’ll bring several things that players have long asked for to DDO.”

And what might those be? A new questing hub for returning and new players, world character transfers, new deities and deity feats, a new free dungeon (one “fans of A Study in Sable will enjoy”), improved character bank storage, and updates to the Monk and Favored Soul classes. New content for the Halloween festivities known as the Night Revels is due in October as well. Next February and the anniversary are expected to mark the addition of a new playable race — likely either kobolds or dragonborn.

“Looking beyond 2016, we know many of you have been hearing the rumors and teases about Ravenloft, so let’s talk Strahd,” Ciccolini says. “We’re 100% interested in bringing Ravenloft to DDO, and are working through the process to make it happen. We don’t have an exact time frame in mind, although our current plan has it coming to DDO sometime towards the end of 2017. We can’t wait to bring one of the most popular and classic adventures in Dungeons & Dragons history to the game.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, DDOCentral!

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