Lord of the Rings Online is heading to Northern Mirkwood, Erebor, and Minas Morgul

Don’t get too comfortable in Mordor just yet, because Lord of the Rings Online is preparing to send its players to the far reaches of the explored map come 2018.

Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini dropped a juicy letter today that went into detail about the studio’s plans for LOTRO over the next year. It all begins with Update 21.3’s Abyss of Mordath raid, coming before the end of 2017. Then in early 2018, Update 22 is taking players to Northern Mirkwood, Dale, Laketown, and Erebor. Following that is Update 23, which returns to Mordor for a trip into Minas Morgul and a confrontation with Shelob.

Ciccolini sprinkled in some other additions and improvements coming to the game, including Elk mounts(!), a playable fiddle, updates to the festivals, the continuation of the Bingo Boffin storyline from last Halloween, and avatar updates to Dwarf and Hobbit models.

“We’re excited to further explore the lore and setting of Middle-earth for years to come, both by telling our own stories, and continuing to add the most iconic encounters, locations, and developments from the trilogy to the game,” he wrote.

Source: Lord of the Rings Online. ThanksĀ Paragonlostinspace!
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